Bacon Hooks for Sale

Bacon Hooks Large 11″ – Ten (10) Prong Medium 9″ – Eight (8) Prong Small 7″ – Six (6) Prong

Stainless Steel Meat Tray Rack

Used Stainless Steel Meat Tray Rack Tag 1429. Three available.

Aluminum Meat Tray Rack

Aluminum Meat Tray Rack Used. Tag 1424. 2 Available

Platter Racks

Used Platter Racks for Sale Assorted sizes available. Some stainless, some aluminum. Tag 1197. Call for details and availability. Will sell individually or in a lot.

Hollymatic 120 Bulker

Hollymatic 120 Bulker For Sale The Hollymatic 120 Precision Bulker portions ground meat precisely and consistently from 8 to 32 ounces. The 120 fits most grinders. The 120 Bulker produces a loaf with clean, squared corners on each meat portion for a neat attractive appearance. Paper is automatically dispensed under each portion to prevent meat …

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Tipper Tie Sausage Clipper Model TCDA

Used Tipper Tie Sausage Clipper (Model TCDA) Tag 1549