Miscellaneous Meat Processing Equipment Supplies

Leland 100 DA Mixer

1 phase

All stainless

New style paddles, safety interlocked lid

Push button jog function.

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Berkel Salad Chute

Berkel Salad Chute for Sale

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Berkel Vegetable Chute

Berkel Vegetable Chute For Sale

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Metro Shelving

Metro Wire Shelving for Sale

Call for quantities and sizes.

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Mepaco 102 Stainless Ham Press

Stainless Steel Ham Press – (Mepaco 102)

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Liver Hooks

Liver Hooks for Sale

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Norton Knife Sharpener

Norton Knife Sharpener for Sale

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Tolley Hooks

Tolley Hooks for Sale

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Photo Eye Hand Wash Sink

Photo Eye Hand Wash Sink for Sale

Touchless hand washing. Photo Eye sensor hand wash sinks are specified throughout America for plants vigilant in food safety and sanitation.
Call for more details!

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Stainless Steel Wall Sink

Stainless Steel Wall Sink for Sale

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All In One Wall Sink

Stainless Steel All-in-One Wall Sink Includes:

Soap Dispenser
Paper Towel Holder

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Bacon Hooks for Sale

Bacon Hooks

Large 11″ – Ten (10) Prong
Medium 9″ – Eight (8) Prong
Small 7″ – Six (6) Prong

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PolyClip Sausage Clipper Model SCD 7010

Used PolyClip Sausage Clipper Model SCD 7010

Air operated, Single clip. Takes 700 series clips.

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Stainless Steel Meat Tray Rack

Used Stainless Steel Meat Tray Rack

Tag 1429. Three available.

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Aluminum Meat Tray Rack

Aluminum Meat Tray Rack Used. Tag 1424. 2 Available

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Stainless Steel Lug Carts 200 lb. Capacity

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Platter Racks

Used Platter Racks for Sale

Assorted sizes available.

Some stainless, some aluminum. Tag 1197. Call for details and availability. Will sell individually or in a lot.

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Hollymatic 120 Bulker

Hollymatic 120 Bulker For Sale

The Hollymatic 120 Precision Bulker portions ground meat precisely and consistently from 8 to 32 ounces. The 120 fits most grinders. The 120 Bulker produces a loaf with clean, squared corners on each meat portion for a neat attractive appearance. Paper is automatically...Read More »

Tipper Tie Sausage Clipper Model TCDA

Used Tipper Tie Sausage Clipper (Model TCDA)

Tag 1549

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